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What is AIG Safe Life?
AIG Safe Life allows you to integrate with a variety of fitness platforms to earn a discount on your insurance based on your activity level. Fitness data collected from your fitness platform of choice will be used to give you both short and long term feedback and ultimately, a discount on your insurance. The daily goals focus on three key areas - active time (represented as MET minutes), daily step count, and missions that foster healthy behavior and habit formation. As the user works towards these three specific goals daily they are also working towards their weekly challenge - earn the highest Safe Life Color possible.

The highest color a user achieves at the end of 7 days is worth a certain point value. The points achieved each week are then translated into a discount at the end of the year - the more points the bigger the discount! Through messaging and visual graphics the user can see how their efforts on a daily and weekly basis are resulting in insurance premium discounts.
AIG Safe Life Points
  • Earn up to 2 points per week
  • Total of 100 points eligible per year (approximately 52 weeks)
  • Points zero out at the end of 52 weeks/start of next policy year
  • Policy year starts when the user creates their account in the AIG Safe Life app
  • Weekly points are awarded by the highest AIG Safe Life Color achieved that week
  • Blue = 2
  • Teal = 1.5
  • Green = 1
  • Light Gray = 0.5
  • Dark Gray = 0

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